Saturday, August 22, 2009

Parbhat Bhatti has just posted a few photographs of White-rumped Vultures and Himalayan Griffon at birds-chandigarh google group. In his own words :

"I took these photograph of White-rumped Vultures and Himalayan Griffons from Jammu region, village : Dayal Chak on 12th August 2009. There were 11 White-rummped Vultures and 4 Himalayan Griffons feeding on the caracas. A villager, named Mohamed told me that this was the 'hadda rori' site and dead animals were dumped there by villagers, as such vultures offen landed there to eat the dead animals."

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  1. A study by Birdlife International reported that the population of white rumped vultures has plunged by 99.9% since 1992.

    Parbat Bhatti's photographs are indeed of great importance. The way nature recoups is amazing!