Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sarus Cranes of Swan Nadi Wetland

Dear Parbhat,

Swaan Nadi forms the border between Punjab & Himachal.

The Punjab part of this wetland is totally destroyed. The land has been filled in and taken under agriculture & construction. The Himachal area is also under threat now in a big way with a couple of factories coming up. The wetlands are also being drained for agriculture. ( With land prices soaring it is very tempting for the land mafia to fill in the wetlands and sell the land at great profits).

We need to document this destruction & put up a report to Chief Wildlife Warden -Himachal & also follow up with DFO Hamirpur. When you come to Chandigarh next we can work out a action plan.

A word of caution- please maintain a low profile when you go to that area for documentation as the stakes are very high.

Regards- Navjit


I often go to Swan Nadi area for birds photography. The area is 60 kilometre long and situated between,Distt.Una,Himachal Pardesh from ,Distt.Ropar Punjab. This Swan Nadi area is the heaven for water birds . It was very rich habitat of the tallest flying bird in the world Sarus Crane, besides storks and ibises.

Local people say there were 100’s Sarus Crane about 20 year ago. Now the habitat of Sarus is destroyed by local people and H.P Govt. Large part of habitat comes under Swan canalization, remaining is being destroyed for industrialization and reclamation for farming. I saw 18 Sarus Crane in 2004, in2005 14 Sarus, in 2006 there were 11, in 2007only 9 Sarus were seen. And now only 4 pair remain. During the past 5 year, population has not increased .They are staying on small ponds.

We should do joint efforts to save Swan Nadi wetland area and to protect Sarus Crane habitat.

Parbhat Bhatti


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